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At Crafty Maze, we offer a wide variety of crafts and activities to help you express yourself and your creativity. Our team of two women-owned businesses is dedicated to providing you with the best craft experience in Grenada. From mosaics and painting to kids classes and a special “Sip n Paint” experience, we have it all. Plus, we have a special “splatter room” for those who want to try something a bit wilder. Come visit us today and explore our vast selection of crafts and activities.

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Crafty Maze: The Essentials

Who, What, Where, and When

Who are we? - Two friends who got tired of driving out of town to have fun making crafts. After driving back from Memphis one day we decided that we should start a business and Crafty Maze was born. It has taken a lot of work, tears, and a ton of sweat to have it become a reality. We are Grenada’s only dedicated craft store!  


What do we offer? - Painting and Mosaic classes right now with Candle making classes are in the works. You can come in and we supply everything. We have a lot of different wood cut-outs to paint or to mosaic. We offer items as big as 24” down to 5” cut-outs. We have different colors, beads, glass, stones, and many more mosaic pieces. We offer classes such as a “Sip~n~Paint”, Student classes for different teams, cheerleading, soccer, dance, and homeschoolers. Wanting to have a bit of team building? Come on down.  


Where are we? - 1278 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Grenada, MS 38901 - besides Nancy’s Donuts.  


When are we there? - Sunday 12pm - 6pm

                                      Monday - Wednesday - Closed - Appointments only for groups

                                      Thursday and Friday - 4pm - 8pm

                                      Saturday - 12pm -8pm

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Welcome to Crafty Maze, the best place to get inspired and start your creative journey. From arts and crafts supplies to guidance and tips, our Craft Store is a must for every artistic soul. Take a look at our selection and start your next project today.

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